WordPress is now one of the best Tool To Create a Website Everyone wants to use WordPress but they don’t know that how to use Plugins Properly In WordPress so today i am going to tell you about the best Plugins that are very useful for Bloggers so if you a Beginner ans you want to Learn about the Most Popular Plugins in WordPress So Read this Article Tell the End.

DB Manager:

DB Manager is one of the Popular Plugin Now a Days After using and installing the plugin you’r Website Data Base will be this plugin Protect the Website Personal Data you’r  Website Data will Never been crushed once you use the Premium Version of the Plugin  DB Manager is one of the Latest and Powerful you can use this Only in WordPress if you’r Website are in the Cpanel then this Plugin will Never been installed because the Plugin is Only Developed For WordPress Sites.

Super Cache Scanner:

Once you Create a Website in WordPress then Installation of Super Cache Scanner is necessary but it works like Anti Virus Once you Install the Plugin You’r Site will be Scanning Automatically you will don’t Need to Scan it Normally It Works Automatically also this Plugin Create reports About Data Transformation You Will See Hourly Reports about Scanning and Data Base Cleaning for a Professional Website the Plugin is Very important.

WP IP Ban:

This WordPress Plugin is Only Use for to Block Someone by Blocking there IP Address by using this Plugin you can also see the full information about IP address when you noticed that some is visiting to you’r Website and Creating some problems in Your Host you Can Directly Block That User by Blocking there Original IP Address Once you Block a User then he will be not Able to Access to your Website this is one of the useful Plugin for all time there a  Free Version Available in WordPress Plugin Store but the Performance of Free Version is Slow you can also Buy a Paid Version of this Plugin which is only use for Advance Security.

Link Checker:

Links Checker is one of the Best Tool which can use for Link Checking it also Correct the Spelling Mistakes in Article if you a Beginner and you’r Writing and Grammar Skills are Weak so this is a very useful tool for you with the help of this tool all the Grammar and Spelling Mistakes will be Corrected Automatically it also Justify the Articles this Plugin is Only available for WordPress Site and you will don’t need to Buy this Plugin this Plugin is Totally you can Directly Install it Form Plugin Section in WordPress Dashboard.

XML Sitemap Maker:

This Plugin is Only Used for SEO and Ranking The Website if you’r site is new and you want to Rank you’r Website so before ranking you’r All Articles will must have to index in Search Page to indexing the Article Sitemap is very important you can easily Create a Site Map by using this Plugin Just Simply Install this Plugin and Enter you’r Website URL After This a New Link will be generated and just Copy this Link and Paste it on the Head Section of Website this Plugin is Totally Free which are Specially Design for Search Engine Optimization.


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