If you are a professional or a beginner, you should have a tripod for your camera and your phone. There are many brands in the market if you want to buy the latest version of Tripod. Before buying the tripod, read this article carefully. I hope that after reading this article you can choose the best version of this article, I will tell you the first five tripods, my recommendation for you is to always use the tripod as lightly as possible, this will be very good for you to easily transport it from one place to another .

Joby Gorillapod (2020):

Now a Day Joby Gorillapod is one of the best and most popular tripods. Millions of people use it worldwide. The performance and stability of the last tripod are really impressive and fantastic. There are two types of Joby Gorillapod tripod: the mobile and the other for camera, both are available in the market, the height of the tripod is 4.7 inches, this tripod is made up of small balls, so there is very nice for Vlogging outside , it is very useful The size and weight are also much lower.

Magnus PV-3310 tripod:

Most Vloggers use this tripod for photography, but if you want to use it to play videos, you can easily use it to record videos. The size of this tripod is a bit large (51.3 inches), which makes it one of the decent and high-rise tripods. For photography, it is a good option for you. There is no fluid head on the tripod. The quality is a bit cheap, but the work is good, but it is very thick and thin if you have a compact camera, you will need to use this tripod because it will make shooting easy and simple. This tripod is made entirely of plastic, since its weight is very small and completely mobile.

Magnus VT-4000 Pro :

In 2020, Magnus launched its new model called Magnus VT-4000. It is one of the newest and most powerful Magnus tripods used for video recording, recording and HD video. This tripod is very popular. The angle is one of the great advantages of this tripod: its price is high, but its performance and work are really impressive. Once you use it, you will never be in another way because its quality and its result are really fantastic.

Manfrotto MT-B Mini:

Manfrotto is also the last tripod used by many professional vloggers, its size is very small, you can easily carry it in your bag if you are a Travel Vlogger, it is a good tripod of yours on the top of the head. There is also a ball head What looks very fantastic and beautiful because of the way the performance and work is very impressive, the size is only 5.1 inches, you can also put it on the table while recording the video capturing images.


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