DJI MAVIC PRO is one of the powerful and compact drone cameras. If you are a content creator and want to record videos, you need a Drone camera. Each content creator uses a different brand drone camera, but DJ Mavic Pro is one of the popular UAV cameras. If you are interested in buying a Drone camera before buying it, read the article carefully.

Accessory box:

Once you and your drone camera in the box, there will be many accessories, all are very useful for the camera. Before charging this camera, all the accessories inside the box, there will be a powerful charger that will fill the battery in less. If you travel by car, the company also provides you with a car charger, you can easily charge your car’s battery.  You cannot use two batteries. At the same time, in the box, there is also a remote control that uses the remote control, you can easily control the camera in the air, you can also change the direction of the camera using the remote control located inside the box an SD card and a USB Cable.


The design of the Drone camera is very fantastic, it looks very elegant and good. The drone is very small. This drone can be flown everywhere. The drone also has the ability to go back on its own, but that depends on the available space. down, it will automatically bend this drone to a 4K camera through this camera, you can shoot clearly, the image quality is also very impressive once you fly the drone and want to land the drone, it will land very easily there is no possibility of landing in a crash, but if it also depends on your experience, if you have some experience and have the ability to control the Drone camera, it can’t be a crash

Camera performance:

The camera of this Drone camera is really cool, it is completely in 4K and in HD, the shutter speed of the DJI MAVIC PRO Drone camera is 8s-1/8000, which is really fantastic and the shutter speed is very important for the camera thanks to this high shutter speed. You can easily record HD movies if the shutter speed is low and the quality of the video recording will not be good. There is also a simple shooting mode on the camera, but many users do not use it because it requires a very charged power.

Battery performance:

Once you have purchased the drone camera, there is a powerful battery in the box. The battery life of the Drone camera is very bad. In other models, the battery was not good, but now, in this new model, the battery is fully updated. The paste is 3830 mAh, which works for a long time, once the battery is fully charged, the battery voltage is 11.4 V

Flight time performance:

The flight performance is very fantastic. You can use this drone in a very high range. You can also adjust the flight speed of your choice. If you want to speed up or slow down, you can easily set this setting with ease. Set your time, the maximum speed is 40 miles / hour, you can fly this drone up to 7 km, but if the drone exceeds 7 km, the video quality will not be good. So always use the drone within a radius of only 7 km.


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