Instagram is one pf the most popular Social Media Application millions of Peoples Use Instagram this is one of the Expensive Social Media Application of All Time but with the passage of time Instagram changes the layout in past days the Layout of Instagram was very simple but now a days it is fully Change you can see a lot of new features in current Version of Instagram below is some of the most expensive and Unique features which can help you if you are a Instagram User.

Sponsored Stories Section:
In 2016 there is no Sponsored Stories Section but after some months Instagram officially announced that they are going to show Sponsored Ads in Stories Section and now that was Successfully Launched in 2017 if you want to promote you brand you can Run You’r Ads so that’s why Instagram is one of the best place to Promote a Brands the Cost of the Ads are very cheap is Asian Countries but for US Citizens that Cost of Ads is Very High because the Economy of all the US countries are very strong as compare to Asian Countries.

Uploading Long Videos:
If you are a Content Creator and you want to Post Large Length Video then this feature is very useful for uploading video on Instagram normally the uploading option is On from the Start of Instagram but in Past days users was not able to upload Large Video One Year only 1 Mint Video was allowed to upload but now every thing is change the Launched a New Section Bar in Instagram that is Called Instagram TV and with the help of the new tool every one are able to upload Full Length Video in this new Section Bar.

Multiple Accounts Switcher:
Just Like Facebook Messenger You can Use Unlimited Accounts in same time which means that if you have two are more then accounts you can Use these all accounts in a Single App you will don’t have to use any other application to run Parallel Accounts if you are a Android Phone User then this Features will be Work Properly but Iphone user can not able to use Multiple Accounts Yet for iphone user the update is coming very soon according to Instagram Official.

New Features in Story Section:
Recently Instagram added Some New Tools in Story Section if you are a Influencer you can easily use all these new tool such as to Add Q/A Section in you’r Post you can also share some Shoppable Stories with the help of the new tool in Story Section you can also use tracking system in you’r Stories once you post the story about some thing you will see the Hourly Statistics Of Each Story this tool is one of the best and useful tool so far.

Thousands of New Emojis are Stickers are Added in this new Version which makes the Story Post more Attractive also there are a lots of new Filters you can use this Filter when you are recording a Short Video for you’r Story.


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